March 10, 2021

Do not cook while the RV is moving

What You Can And Can’t Do While Driving An RV?

The ONLY type of RV you can do anything in while driving is a motorhome (Class A, B and C) where the driver’s cab is connected to the rest of the RV interior AND there are seat belts in some of the seats. And while driving, you are only allowed to sit in the seats that have seatbelts. It is not legal for anyone to be inside of any type of pull behind RV while it is being towed, that includes trailers, 5th wheels, campers, camper trailers, tent trailers and others.

If you have a motorhome and you’re allowed in the RV while driving, you might be wondering what you’re allowed to do. You have options!

Hanging pictures in an RV

How Do You Hang Pictures In An RV?

I’m glad you asked because RV interiors can be pretty bland. Even if you have a high-end RV then the finishing will be really nice, but still bland. What makes an RV feel more like home is putting your memories on display. The good news is, there are lots of ways to hang things on RV walls to make it “homey”.

RVing With Family
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