People are travelling more than ever to see new places to create new memories and experiences. For some of us, even though we enjoy traveling, there is stress that comes with it. Especially when you’re responsible for multiple people, like say, a bunch of kids!

Things can become pretty hectic pretty quick, but luckily there’s an app for that. Below are 9 apps for RVing you must have for your next adventure.

1. CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS (link to their website) gives you live traffic updates. It provides you with offline maps and very helpful navigation features that are great when traveling out of cell or satellite range. If you like to plan ahead in detail, this app allows you to plan your route as well.

CoPilot has a free version and a paid version with more features.

2. Roadtrippers

This is one of my favorite RVing apps for finding spots of interest (link to their website). On many trips, you’ll find yourself a few minutes away from amazing places you never knew existed. One way not to miss out is to get the free version or a paid version of Roadtrippers. 

This app helps its users plan road trips and discover roadside attractions, scenic points, national parks and hotels. It will help you locate great places that you can visit during your trip.

3. Gas Buddy

Sometimes finding a gas station can be a challenge. And I’ll tell ya, when I’m running on E with an RV full of people, that’s not when I want to be challenged. Gas buddy (link to their website) will help you find the best, closest and cheapest gas prices anywhere. It saves time, money and miles and that’s why it’s on this list of top RVing apps.

4. RV Parky

This free app has what you need to plan your next adventure. RV Parky is an app built to help RVers (link to their website).

RV parky shows available rest areas, RV parks campgrounds, Walmart and truck stops. It will also give you directions to any of those areas near you.

5. REI National Parks Guide

Going on your next trip without a Parks Guide is a big no-no, especially when you plan to hike through national parks. This app (Android / iOS) provides you with the detailed information you’ll need to be prepared and ready for a hike. It provides information about parks and monuments, trail descriptions, family tips and more. 

Its’ features also help you navigate side hikes and it tracks your progress while you hike.

6. Accuweather

Weather can be unpredictable. The Accuweather app (link to their website) helps you stay prepared with its push notifications. It notifies you if there is going to be storm, wind driven rain or a severe change in the weather. Its’ constant updates will help you decide on where and when to embark on your trip.

7. Offline Survival Manual

Although this isn’t really an RVing apps it’s definitely worth having around. Thinking of how to cope with unforeseen circumstances? Survival manual app (Android) is all you need.

It offers information on how to find food, build shelter, make fire and treat injuries in case of an emergency. This information is priceless…as long as your phone battery doesn’t die. You better bring a printed survival manual as well.

8. Allstays Truck and Travel

This is one of those useful RVing apps that provides you with truck stop information (link to their website). It answers the question of where the closest truck stop is, the closest sani-dumps and weigh stations. 

This app can be used to navigate locations offline in case you find yourself out of range.

9. Sanidumps Dump Station Locator

To dispose of waste properly while RVing, you’ll need an approved dump location. With Sanidumps Dump Station Locator (Android) you will be able to locate various sani-dumps near your location. Its’ premium version helps you save your 20 favorite dump stations.

Like many of the apps on this list, it give you turn-by-turn directions and it can be used offline if your reception isn’t great. 


It’s your choice to make your life easier by using one or multiple or all of the RVing apps above. Instead of getting stranded or stressed, these apps will come in handy at every stage of your trip.