Before one decides to embrace the RV life, one of the most important questions that should be addressed is fuel efficiency. Any cost is important, and in this case, fuel consumption can seriously affect your budget if not thought out thoroughly. 

You see, RV works differently than regular automobiles so it’s not safe to assume fuel efficiency just like that.

So Just How Many Miles Per Gallon Does an RV Get?

  • Class A is at 7-10mpg
  • Class B is at 10-25mpg
  • Class C is at 8-12mpg

When we were deciding as a family what we should get, research helps a lot. We had a few things to consider and fuel cost is one of them.

Just because a family can afford an RV doesn’t necessarily mean they should splurge on fuel.

That is the case for us. We had to look around for what is most efficient for us in terms of fuel consumption.

 Before we reached a decision, we asked the question how many miles per gallon (mpg) does an RV get.

Here’s what we gathered during that time.

We were trying to decide which class we should get and made the comparison as such, find more about the different types of RVs here.

  • Class A is at 7-10mpg
  • Class B is at 10-25mpg
  • Class C is at 8-12mpg

Generally speaking, the larger the RV, the lower the miles per gallon. It also matters if you are towing additional cars or trailers as it would add more weight to the RV while running.

Let me share with you how it works based on the three primary classes of RV.

Class A Fuel Efficiency

Class A RVs are the largest among the three classes, usually 29’ to 45’ in length. It’s also the most luxurious, having enough space for bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and kitchen among others.

But how efficient are they when it comes to fuel consumption?

As mentioned, the average of Class A RVs is 7-10mpg. Because it’s the largest and the heaviest, it has the least mileage compared to Class B and Class C.

Class B Fuel Efficiency

 Among the three classes, Class B is the smallest whose length is around 18’ to 24’. It’s the smallest and shortest among the three, and therefore has the longest mileage, with an average of 10-25mpg.

Class C Fuel Efficiency

Considered as the middle ground between Class A and B, Class C has more features than Class B.

RVs of this class are around 30’ to 33’ long, with average mileage of 8-10mpg.

Given this comparison, it relatively shows that the gas mileage is greatly affected by the size of the RV.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a v10 RV Get?

The v10 engine is strong and has great performance. 

Its average, just like the average for majority of the RVs is around 7-10mpg. Although, this  average will also depend on some factors.

For instance, RVs going downhill will potentially have higher mpg’s, thus higher mileage. 

On the other hand, RVs going uphill possibly have lower mileage due to more fuel consumed or higher RPM.

I’ve looked around for some info and I can’t seem to find a standard here, but according to fellow RVers, the figures play around 7-10mpg.

You may observe your mileage during each trip and get your actual average after several trips. But most likely, you’ll get approximately the same or somewhere near this average.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a Diesel Motorhome Get?

Diesel motorhomes are normally up to 45’ long. The engine is near the back most of the time, being the reason they are called diesel pushers.

Compared to other RVs, they are known to deliver more torque and work better at towing larger trailer vehicles.

Since these motorhomes are generally larger than other RV types, it’s heavier in weight as it can accommodate more space and features such as bigger sleeping facilities and the like.

As such, we can’t expect its fuel efficiency to be the same as that of smaller RV models.

Remember, the general rule is that the bigger the RV, the lesser the mpg is. Same rule applies regardless if your RV is gas or diesel-powered.

Based on the common feedback of other RV enthusiasts, the general average of diesel motorhomes ranges from 9-14mpg.

If your motorhome is brand new, you will get better fuel efficiency. If your motorhome is secondhand, then don’t expect as much efficiency as the new one.

I hope you set the right expectations there.

App for Finding Nearest Gas Stations

Whether you are going interstate or just around the city, it’s always a hassle driving your RV around looking for the nearest gas stations.

Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of apps that can help you find the nearest gas stations. And oh, these apps also help find the cheapest gas in the area, too!


This app offers real time gas prices for over 140,000 gasoline stations across Australia, Canada, and the US.

Its users also provide information through this app, making it one of the most popular apps among drivers.


Waze is not only great at showing the best route and avoiding traffic, it also helps in finding the nearest and cheapest gas.

What’s even better is it allows its users to select their preferences such as gas type, price, and brand.

They also feature partner stations which offer more discounts for Waze users.

Gas Guru

This app is owned by Yellow Pages. It helps find the nearest gas station with the best prices and save your favorite locations, making it more convenient for you when you are in the same area.

Gas Guru pulls its data on prices from the Oil Price Information Service, making their featured rates up to date. Find it on Android and Apple devices.


This app was originally intended for drivers who are looking for ways to understand their engine better and what driving habits can help save fuel consumption.

However, due to its added feature of helping users find cheap gas, the app has gained more popularity among its users.

Gas Prices by MapQuest

MapQuest is the first commercial online mapping service, offering its services to its users for free.

It has an added feature called Gas Prices that not only shows where the cheapest gas is, it also lets the user select the type of fuel and save it to favorites just like Gas Guru.

Wrap up

There are always plenty of options. Select what is best for you before you decide on anything. 

Apps and forums are there to help you, just be diligent enough in looking around and you will surely find what you are looking for.