As I was cleaning up the storage earlier, I made a mental note to bring out my trailer cover. We’ve been on the road for a few days and now that we’re back, I shouldn’t forget to cover my RV since we might not be using it for a while.

I used to not give trailer covers that much thought, but then I realized that trailers need to be protected from some elements like extreme weather and pollution.

We all know that not everyone has an indoor storage for their trailers and not everyone can afford to spend on a climate-controlled facility, so trailer covers are good alternatives. This is a very good option for those whose RVs are just going to sit in the driveway for a long time.

As for me, my camper trailer cover has helped me a lot most especially because I park the RV outside. 

I consider it a good investment as it protects my RV and keep it in good shape.   

Here’s what you need to know about Jayco camper trailer covers.

Are Camper Trailer Covers Waterproof?

So I mentioned earlier that one of the top reasons I invested in my camper trailer cover is because I want to protect my RV from extreme weather.

While it should protect my RV from ultraviolet rays, it’s also important to protect it from getting wet. 

And by getting wet, I don’t only mean from the rain. Even a little condensation counts as it can be a place where mold and mildew develops, and we definitely don’t want that.

Also, if condensation gets under the cover, it can freeze in the winter and may lead to cracking around the RV. It’s going to cause so much damage to the paint and this is something we should definitely avoid.

Going back to the question, are Jayco camper trailer covers waterproof? The answer is most but not all.

I see some RVers using blue tarps as covers and I don’t think it’s a good idea to use in your RV. I don’t have anything against it if it’s just a day or two. But if you’re going to use it long term, it’s something I won’t recommend.

Why? Simply because it will not give your RV the protection it needs. It just won’t do.

When I say trailer camper cover, I mean the good, legit ones. The ones that are really designed for RVs – these are the waterproof ones.

These covers give you the best protection and are waterproof. The fabric is breathable that it allows moisture to evaporate, but small enough to not let water droplets in. This is the kind of cover you should get.

Will Jayco Camper Trailer Covers Protect My RV All Winter?

If you don’t have a storage unit and your RV will be out all winter, then you better get a good trailer cover. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer quality covers that can suit your RV’s needs. 

The main purpose of your trailer cover in the winter is to prevent buildup of ice and accumulation of snow while it’s out there in the open.

And while it protects your RV from the snow, it should also keep the meltwater from creeping under the cover.

The question is, are Jayco camper trailer covers enough to protect your RVs all winter? For me, it’s both a yes and a no.

Yes, because a good cover should be able to do its job of keeping unnecessary elements away from the trailer. And no because it’s not the only thing you need to protect your trailer during winter.

There are a few other things I can suggest to make sure your RVs remain in good shape all throughout the winter season.

  • As much as possible, park the RV in a location where it’s not too vulnerable to the wind in case it gets too windy.
  • Keep your RVs away from trees that may fall due to extreme wind or snow.
  • Make sure you clean both the interior and exterior of your RV before you put the cover on. You’ll thank me in the spring!
  • Remove any sharp objects on the exterior before installing the cover.
  • Drain and blow out the water system before you leave it out for the winter. Remember this is critical as any water left inside can freeze and can potentially crack the pipes and lines.
  • Double check to see if the cover is properly secured to keep it from coming off.
  • Check your RV from time to time to ensure snow has not accumulated too much on the roof.
  • Make sure the RV tires are chocked, so it doesn’t roll away.
  • Don’t forget to protect your tires, too!
  • If you have RV solar panels installed on the roof, you may want to remove them as part of your winterization process.

If you have a good cover and you keep the above list in mind, you should be just fine.

Can I Tow My RV With The Cover On?

It’s not a great idea to tow your RV with the trailer cover on. 

First, because you shouldn’t cover the part number of your trailer.

Second, it’s not safe to do it on a public road because your tail lights will be covered.

Third, while camper trailer covers are very durable, they are not designed to sustain lashing winds at highway speed when you are traveling. In other words, the highway-speed winds will rip your cover.

Where Can I Find The Best Deal On Jayco Camper Trailer Covers?

There are a lot of Jayco camper trailer covers out there. Before you go shopping for covers, make sure you know the dimensions of your camper trailer. You want to make sure that you buy the right size cover, so it fits snug around your style of RV.

Here is the list of the top places you can find camper trailer covers for your Jayco RV.

RVCovers has a wide variety of covers, accessories, and almost anything else. They even have custom covers and offer free shipping on all orders over $100.

If it helps you decide, ADCO RV Covers have won RV Cover of the year 4 years in a row. This is probably why they come up as the top result when you look for trailer covers.

There are over 200 choices of trailer covers you can choose from. They offer discounts and free shipping, too. You can read through the reviews to know which one is best for you.

They have Jayco camper trailer covers that are specific to your RV’s style and size. Aside from that, they have accessories for all your RVing needs. Free shipping within US, and the reviews are good, too.

This website is for all types of sports and recreational vehicles. They have parts, accessories, inverters and a whole lot more. Free shipping is also offered for all orders above $99.  


Harsh weather and winters can damage your RVs if you don’t protect them properly. Prepare for the winter and keep your RVs in good shape with a good cover.